Journeys of Hope: A Star Shall Lead Them

Written & illustrated by Kevin Scott Collier

Guardian Angel Publishing

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ISBN: 1-933090-28-6

Copyright 2005

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Ebook, 26 pages, $6.00

Children's Picture Book/Christian

Journeys of Hope is a amiable picture ebook that includes 5 fables: Hope from Above, Follow the Star, Hermit minus a Home, War and Peace, and Eye of the Beholder. The figure of these fables is a thoroughly cute supernatural being fish called Hope.

But Hope is no characterless angel fish. For one thing, she has way alternatively of shoe. In fable figure one, she also carries next to her a superior illegal. The inhibition is, not each person in the ocean believes her. They see her amazing anecdote as a fantastical content. Nonetheless, Hope doesn't distribute up and continues dissemination the expression that she believes to be true, that "There's intensity above the outward of the the deep." Then one day, she learns that there's a acold animal breathing at the pedestal in sum murk. Filled near courage, Hope swims to the pedestal to explain to her subject matter of the radiance above to the dim brute. Will the animal understand her happening story?

In fable figure two, Hope learns that there's a pit at the far westernmost end of the the deep that leads to a swimming pool titled Salvation. The quirk is, it is tremendously dark out nearby. However, in a while a natural event happens: each time Hope says the statement "Faith", the Starfish who inhabits the pit glows vibrantly. Will Hope arrive at Salvation now that she has revealed the surreptitious into determination it?

In fairy tale figure three, at hand happens to be a life-size Hermit crab alive in a bad stark ditch at the support of the body of water. The decapod crustacean has no friends and lives by himself, embittered by his own isolation. Will Hope be competent to attach the decapod and unfold his bosom to the happening of friendship?

In fabrication numeral four, Hope finds a intense field of crooked aluminous part at the nethermost of the the deep. She wonders what it is and where it comes from. Learning that the rubble comes from war, Hope has one big probe in her mind: Why are here wars? Egan, an senior electric eel, is more than ecstatic to statement her questions. He also makes her cognize that in attendance are no winners in war, and that the sole way one could really be a winner is by following the thoroughfare of religious conviction and virtue.

In the finishing fable Hope is as invited by her friend Mabel the Manatee to be a visiting at a make-up pageantry. To Hope's surprise, Mabel tells her she is one of the contestants and, what's more, she's even firm she's active to win in unkindness of existence heavy. Hope desires to be encouraging, but how can she when all the another creatures are more smooth and willowy than Mabel? Soon the opposite aquatic vertebrate switch on to snort and phone Mabel traducement. But what do you deliberation happens when the judge-a manatee!-shows up? A cute fairy tale going on for how make-up is not just in us, but in the eye of the person as healthy.

Though this is a content that hasty readers can read on their own, I would propose an mature to read it to offspring the premiere time, if solely to clear the Christian messages and symbols in the account unambiguous to vulnerable minds. Collier's signature illustrations are as ever glistering and rich and a indisputable kickshaw to the eye. The prose and duologue are engaging. This is a scrap book the total familial can soak up and one that invites children to reflect and ask questions. It is also the sympathetic of textbook that teaches in need preaching. Recommended for adolescent Christian readers.

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