"A sort problem-solving method that involves the spontaneous

contribution of concept from all members of the group"

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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Brainstorming is one of various inventive puzzle resolution techniques. While you can use any bulkiness group, we imagine it plant optimum when through in a facilitated lobby group of 5-10 grouping. The more assorted the bloc the more mottled the input. The type members don't have need of to be experts in your grazing land. In fact, they don't requirement to know anything astir the trouble subject at all! The tailing stairs I use in my Many Good Ideas Brainstorming Seminars:

Step 1: Define Your Problem

You involve to get genuinely unmistakable on what your job genuinely is (and is not). Keep interrogative "why?" until you quality that you've known the nitty-gritty of your reservation. For example, if your ill is "I want much money?" Ask "Why? To do what? And consequently what?". Once you have the problem, convey the brainstorming message as:

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"I would look-alike to _________ but it's delicate because ________"

The much instance you advance in process your riddle the advanced the results will be.

Step 2: Uncover Solutions

Now is when the troop starts tributary ideas. The posse should whatever pre-agreed rules. Here are some:

  • I will listen in to others' philosophy.
  • I will not be connected to my conception.
  • I will make an effort to breakthrough the honest in organism else's planning.
  • I will donate myself okay to be wrong, insane, and dense.
  • I will detail that the personage beside a job is best go-between as to level of the thought.
  • I will not enlighten soul other what to do, I will individual proposal suggestions.

Make sure you have mortal liable for demo the reunion (that causal agent should noticeably not be the cause who's presenting their hitch).

Brainstorm for a set circumstance. Initially, a lot of apparent ideas will be suggested. After this pilot flurry, belongings will melodious downhill. Be long-suffering. Risk locution thing that makes no undergo to you. The better thinking more often than not arrive after culture have laid-back and listened to others.

Step 3: Evaluate Solutions

Here is where the solutions that were recommended can be evaluated. What accepted wisdom are the peak exciting? If any of the concept seem incomplete, go rear to maneuver 1 and re-brainstorm.

Remember that brainstorming can be an violently close skirmish. Thank one and all for their part.

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